Event Space Guidelines & Terms


Twenty –five percent (25%) of the estimated nonrefundable catering contract and refundable room rental security deposit is due the day a contract is signed. If the refundable room rental security deposit is not received, the approval will be withdrawn. If no damages are incurred, the security deposit will be returned within five (5) business days. 


Final Payment for room rental and catering must be submitted no less than 72 hours prior to the event date.


3.1     Payment by Managers Check or Credit Card(s) will be accepted. If using a Credit Card(s), Credit Card Authorization Form is required to be completed and returned to CATERER and VENUE.

3.2     Check payments are due seven 72 hours before the event date. Place your invoice number in the memo line or if no invoice number write what the payment is for, ie Gallery Rental Security Deposit. Please make your CATERER payment payable to: LINC Up Café and your VENUE payments payable to LINC and mail to:

Attention:    Lewis Williams, 1167 Madison Ave SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49507


CLIENT may use the CATERER, LINC UP Soul Food Café or any caterer on our preferred list for all catered events. No food, including light refreshments (i.e., coffee, tea, cookies, etc.) will be served in any room unless CATERER uses LINC UP Soul Food Catering Service.

4.1    If the CLIENT wishes to not use the CATERER or preferred CATERER(s), the CLIENT can bring in their own food at an additional fee of $250.00.

Due to the changing cost of food items, menu prices are subject to change within fourteen (14) days of the event. When a drastic change in the menu ingredient cost occurs, CLIENT has two options.

4.2    CLIENT will pay the additional cost based on the current adjusted price, or substitute other menu items to maintain the agreed upon per person/platter menu.


In accordance with appropriate Health Codes, CATERER reserves the right to discard any leftover food items, after the agreed upon event timetable, where there is a reasonable risk for food borne illness to occur. CLIENT will not be allowed to take leftovers because of such risks. 


All food and beverage is subject to a 6% Michigan State Sales Tax and 20% gratuity and service charge which is subject to change. 


A final guest count, not subject to lowering, is due 72 hours prior to the event date. Any additional guest after 72 hours prior to the event may have extra charge by the CATERER. CLIENT will only be charged for the guaranteed number of guests served. A 10% increase of food and beverage will be allowed and the CATERER will charge the CLIENT accordingly.


CATERER does not provide a permit to serve alcohol. The CLIENT would have to take the responsibility to provide all of the alcohol beverage supplies and bartending services as needed using LINC’s preferred vendor Art of the Table. The building is a smoke free facility and as such no tobacco is permitted in the building or within 25 feet of any entrance.


CLIENT will be billed for additional staff hours for any time beyond the agreed event beginning or end time. A VENUE staff person may be present in the building at all times during use by outside groups. The VENUE has the authority to waive this requirement in appropriate circumstances.

The VENUE will unlock the building at the “Begin Time” specified in the contract and secure it after use. Keys to the building may not be provided to any unauthorized person. 

Activities in the building must end by 11:00 p.m. on the day of the event. The building must be emptied by 12:00 a.m.  


Following any event in the building users are responsible for general clean up, including the parking lot (if applicable) and depositing it in the appropriate receptacles (dumpsters in the parking lot). The CLIENT will provide his/her own cleaning supplies. The VENUE staff will inspect the facilities to determine if there has been any damage to the building or if any special cleaning is required. Any damages determined will be charged against the security deposit. The CLIENT is responsible for damages in excess of the security deposit. 


VENUE can provide all or part of the rental items for the event. However, certain items may incur restocking & cancellation fees. VENUE provides black linen at no charge. 

11.1     Upon availability the VENUE can offer tables and/or chairs for up to 75 people per event. Rentals needed for over 75 people will be an upcharge of $25 a table with 8 chairs or if only needing chairs there is an upcharge of $2.50 a chair. 

11.2     VENUE has the following rental items for CLIENTS events for an additional cost:

Red Lounge Chairs at $10 each
Grey Couches at $15 each
Tall Cocktail Tables at $5 each (chairs included if needed)
Non-black linen at $3 each (minimum of 10) 
China at $1.50 per person 


CLIENT and their guests are to remain in the area of the VENUE building rented. Playing in halls, restrooms, or elevators by children is prohibited. Children attending meetings or activities in the VENUE building must be supervised at all times by a responsible adult who is present. The CLIENT reserving the facility is responsible for the conduct of participants and guests.

Lights should be turned off in the Building at the conclusion of the activity.

Pets or animals are not allowed in the Buildings except for Seeing Eye dogs.


VENUE will provide a stage, two TV’s and a HDMI cord (connects to both TV’s). CLIENT is allowed to bring outside vendors for event sound.  


VENUE provides black linen at no charge. 

Hallways, stairways, exits, rest rooms and other traffic areas are to remain free of tables, chairs, boxes and other items at all times. 

Open flames, lighted candles, glitter, rice, confetti and other similar materials ARE NOT allowed in the VENUE building. 

No items may be attached by any means to the walls, ceilings, fixtures or floors of any room within the VENUE building. 

Pictures, plaques on walls are not to be removed or rearranged.


CATERER and VENUE will apply the entire balance of CLIENT’s deposits and prepayments, towards another event scheduled within 10 days, subject to CATERER and VENUE availability. All costs are subject to change.


In the event of a CLIENT cancellation occurring 0 to 90 days prior to arrival, liquidated damages in the amount of ninety percent (90%) of the "Anticipated Food and Beverage" shall be due.

In the event of a CLIENT cancellation occurring 91 to 180 days prior to arrival, liquidated damages in the amount of eighty percent (80%) of the "Anticipated Food and Beverage" shall be due.

In the event of a CLIENT cancellation occurring 181 to 365 days prior to arrival, liquidated damages in the amount of seventy percent (70%) of the "Anticipated Food and Beverage” shall be due.

In the event of a CLIENT cancellation occurring between the time of acceptance of this contract and 365 days prior to arrival, liquidated damages in the amount of fifty percent (50%) of the "Anticipated Banquet Food and Beverage" shall be due.


CATERER reserves the right to terminate this contract for any valid reason.

17.1    IF CATERER terminates this contract before thirty (30) day period prior to the event date, all deposits and prepayments will be returned in full within ten (10) days.

18. FORCE MAJEURE (Act of God) 

Neither party shall lose any rights hereunder or be liable to the other party for damages or losses on account of failure of performance by the defaulting party if the failure is the result of an Act of God, e.g., natural disaster, fire, flood, earthquake; or because of war or acts of terrorism, including chemical or biological warfare; or labor dispute; lockout, strike; embargo; governmental acts, orders, or restrictions; or failure of suppliers or third person; or any other reason where failure to perform is beyond the reasonable control, and is not caused by the negligence, intentional conduct or misconduct of the defaulting party, and the defaulting party has exercised all reasonable efforts to avoid or remedy such force majeure.

If an event of force majeure occurs, both parties shall immediately consult with each other regarding the performance of this contract, and shall immediately resume their respective obligations under this contract upon the termination or elimination of the event of force majeure.      


CATERER assumes no responsibility for ANY damage or loss of merchandise, equipment, furniture, clothing or other valuables prior to, during or after the event. 

19.1    CATERER will do everything possible to ensure that all of CLIENT’s supplies, rentals and equipment are cared for and maintained in good working order and without damage.

19.2     When providing the location for the event/function, the CLIENT, understands that accidents/breakage and/or damage may sometimes occur. CATERER will not be liable for any damage or loss, unless specifically caused by the willful negligent actions or conduct of CATERER or its employees.


CLIENT forgives CATERER from any third party claims, except for actions caused by CATERER and/or negligence of its employees. Such claims to amount to a maximum amount of USD Two hundred ($ 200.00) only.


The CLIENT has to get approval from the VENUE and CATERER before distributing, marketing or promoting information CLIENT’s event hosted by VENUE. All marketing or promotional materials can be sent to the Events Coordinator for approval.


The CLIENT is not allowed to sell or distribute tickets sold for an event hosted by the VENUE under any circumstances. 


The CLIENT will obey with all the laws of the United States of America and the State of Michigan, all municipal ordinances and all lawful orders of police and fire departments, and will not do anything on the event/function premises in violation of any laws, ordinances, rules or orders. If unlawful activities should occur on the premises, and the event is cancelled, there will be no refund of any kind from CATERER to CLIENT.


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