Residents question progress of 12-point plan to improve police relations

May 24, 2017

GRAND RAPIDS, MI -- Taking ownership of Grand Rapids' 12-point plan for improving relations between police and the community was the theme Tuesday evening during a community meeting on the city's Southeast Side. 

More than 80 members of the public attended the session to raise questions and come up with recommendations to be presented to the city commission in regards to the plan's progress more than two years since its implementation. 

"The purpose today is to get your feedback on the 12-point plan," said Cle Jackson, president of the Grand Rapids NAACP. "The city has communicated loud and clear that they've provided a thorough update but we disagree.

"We want data and measurables."

Tuesday's meeting was organized by leaders of the community groups LINC UP, Grand Rapids NAACP, and the Micah Center. The majority of time was spent in a round-table format, allowing groups of 5-10 community members to speak on each topic covered in the 12-point plan. 

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