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March 07, 2016

March 7, 2016

It was brought to the attention of LINC UP Executives, that Rockford Construction has made some significant and somewhat secretive plans for major redevelopment in the Southeast / Southtown neighborhoods - namely along Cottage Grove and Eastern Ave.  This came as quite a surprise - and huge disappointment to LINC UP, as our name was listed in the construction company's proposal while we had zero involvement and were given zero opportunities to vocalize an opinion on the proposal.

We would like to send a couple messages to our community - 1, that we didn't have ANY involvement in this plan - and 2, we NEED to step up as a community and have a voice in this matter before the developing takes place.  Our future here as a Southtown community is dependent on it.

We at LINC UP pride ourselves on transparency in the community, and we know it’s important to keep residents up to date intentionally on significant community matters.  Rockford Construction's plan to make a large investment in this neighborhood, without our community's consent or knowledge is disappointing.

LINC UP is coming to the table to address this issue directly with Rockford Construction - so will you too?  


Friday, March 11 - 1pm at 1168 Madison Ave SE, Seeds of Promise will host a community meeting to discuss the plans for 1515 Madison, but also the larger plans that Rockford has for the neighborhood.   As an advocacy organization, we want you to have a seat at the table - and this is YOUR opportunity to ensure whatever investments take place are based on the community NEED, not what the developers say the community needs.

Revitalization is about having all parties involved.  Let's make sure that happens.


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